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Potential Harm of Low FODMAP Diet

So, What is a FODMAP? FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligsaccharides Disaccharides Monosaccharides and Poloys.  These compounds are carbohydrates (sugars) and poloys that easily ferment in the gut, and are not easily absorbed.  Because of this they frequently cause gas, bloating, and diarrhea.  It's no wonder then, that a diet low in these compounds known as a low FODMAP diet is often recommended to IBS patients and people with gastric distress ranging from exercise induced gastric discomfort to Crohn's disease.  But have we jumped the gun on this dietary protocol?

FODMAPs are found in dietary items including diary products, gluten containing products (cereals, breads, etc.), legumes (including soy), most fruits, and some vegetables.  Often, FODMAPs are also added into processed foods as sweeteners or thickeners. On a low FODMAP diet, these dietary items are limited or eliminated.  Some versions of the diet eliminate all FODMAPs for a short period of time before reintroducing …