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A Silly Poem for People with Chronic Illness

Hello spoonies and friends!
Please enjoy this silly lyrical poem about my trusty heating pad and the pain relief it brings me.
I bet some of you can relate, and hopefully you'll have a chuckle or two.

An Ode to My Heating Pad

Oh, heating pad,  your warm hugs ease  my aches and pains. I need your healing squeeze When my feet get cold, or when I get one of my migraines.

From arthritis to subluxations, you've nursed me through. When I find my muscles tied, I cuddle up to you. It's so nice and toasty, with you by my side.

Due to my poor circulation, I'm often very cold. When my thyroid acts out, you are too hot to hold. Still, you know I'll be back,   it's your gentle hugs I'm mad about.

So what did you think?  Did it make you laugh?  I hope so :)

Are you a heating pad person, or and ice pack fan?  I'd love to know!  Leave a comment!!

Wishing you Healing Hugs And Hope