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The #1 Question NOT to Ask People with Chronic Illness This Holiday Season

The #1 Question  NOT to Ask People with Chronic Illness  This Holiday Season
The holidays are a time for family gatherings, and family gatherings inevitably lead to probing questions about everyone’s lives.

Just as every senior in college hates to be asked about their plans after graduation, or if they have a job “lined up,” and newlyweds hate to be asked when they plan to have children, there are questions that people with chronic illnesses are used to being asked, and get tired of answering.
Every family get-together without fail, all the relatives who once pinched cheeks and tousled hair now gather ‘round me and ask “How do you feel?”
I hate this question, and I’ll give you five reasons why, because I understand that at the surface it seems quite innocent, and reasonable to ask such a question.
But I am being singled out by it.No one else is being asked how he or she feels.
My friends and family are asking because they know about my health issues and they want an update on how things…